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It all started here...


Golden Wheel restaurant in Honolulu, Hawaii


Founding Story

Mixbowl is founded on the belief that technology should not stand in the way of any one's dream. 

Our founder immigrated to the United States pursuing her own dream. In early days, her family and relatives worked at hotels as a housekeeper while running a Chinese restaurant to support the family. Being the only few who could speak English and know about technology, she was able to help the restaurant attract more customers and welcome more sales, even if she was just editing food menu on Microsoft Word or printing a double-sided food menu.

It is from this humble beginning that Mixbowl's founder set out a mission to make restaurant technology easily understandable and accessible to millions of restaurant owners.


The new version of Mixbowl online ordering and delivery platform is completely free of charge to restaurants. There is no hidden fee, no annual contract, no credit card required to start using Mixbowl. Mixbowl makes money by applying a small service fee  to each order for first-line customer service support. For more complex features and integration, we also offer restaurants an affordable monthly fee to activate these premium service offerings.

Mixbowl has a mission to empower every single restaurant owner to take in charge of their own online ordering platform at no cost, thus leveling the playing field for restaurant owners against delivery apps such as UberEats or DoorDash. We are grateful for our investors who have supported our mission:​

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