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Delivery / Pickup, and Refund Policy

Mixbowl provides online ordering and delivery software for restaurants. Depending on the type of services each restaurant uses from Mixbowl, the delivery policy will vary.

For restaurants that use the drivers provided by Mixbowl, which contracts with multiple local delivery companies, the delivery radius is pre-determined by the restaurant. It starts from 2 driving miles. When the customers enter the delivery address in the app, Mixbowl will automatically informs them whether the address is within the delivery range. 

The delivery fee the customers pay may be subsidized by the restaurant, by Mixbowl, or may not be subsidized at all. This depends on the arrangement each individual restaurant has with Mixbowl. If the customers encounter any delivery issue with Mixbowl-provided drivers, customers need to text Mixbowl's customer support at 833-MIXBOWL to request an investigation for delivery, to request a refund, or a combination of both. Delivery tips are paid to drivers after a 72-hour mandatory hold, and will only be distributed to the drivers if there is no customer requesting a refund on delivery tips, no issue on delivery quality, no refund on the entire order requested.

Requesting Refunds on Delivery Orders (by Mixbowl-provided drivers)

Any delivery issue must be reported to Mixbowl via text or via customer feedback email in writing with clear description of the incident and customers must provide sufficient evidence for non-delivery. Mixbowl will submit these documents to the contracted delivery company for reimbursement. Refunds made to the customers will be processed and credited back to the original method of payment; Mixbowl's reimbursements to the restaurants may be made via physical check, digital check, or auto-deposit into the restaurant's bank account.

For restaurants that use restaurant's in-house drivers, the delivery fee is set by the restaurant. Delivery tips will be distributed to the restaurant, who is responsible in distributing the tips to own drivers. Mixbowl does not manage the delivery radius, delivery fee, delivery tips, or delivery update. Restaurants will have the ability to modify the delivery radius, delivery fee, and time to deliver at their discretion. Mixbowl is not liable or responsible for any delivery orders that are made by restaurant's in-house drivers. 

Requesting Refunds on Delivery Orders (by in-house drivers)

For orders delivered by the restaurant, the customers need to contact the restaurant from which they order and request a refund. Depending on the service level each restaurant has with Mixbowl, Mixbowl may be authorized to issue refunds on behalf of the restaurant. Please always text Mixbowl's customer support at 833-MIXBOWL to request assistance.

General Refunds Policy

Food is perishable. Mixbowl is not allowed to refund food for reasons other than wrong item, missing item, damaged items, or non-delivery. Please always text Mixbowl's customer support at 833-MIXBOWL to request assistance.


For all other reasons, if customers are not satisfied with the food taste and qualify, customers must contact the restaurant to request refunds. 

Credit Card Chargebacks or Credit Card Disputes

For any reason that customers file a credit card chargeback, whether it is due to fraudulent charges or due to unsatisfactory resolution, Mixbowl will blacklist the customer's credit card information and the customer so that no future order can be made within Mixbowl's restaurant network. In addition, Mixbowl will report the blacklisted credit card information to banks to inform such incidence.

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