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Online Ordering & Delivery Software

Zero commissions. Unlimited Orders. No Gimmick.

Excellent restaurant benefits at zero cost

Take your first online order today!

Your customers order directly from your website

Your customers will be able to order directly from your website using our ordering plugin. Don’t have a website? We’ll provide one to you free of charge.

See Restaurant Hodala uses Mixbowl's template

Your customers order directly from your social media

Your customers will be able to order directly from your Facebook page, Instagram page, Yelp page, Google Maps, and Google Search.
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Included in Mixbowl's Free plan

Credit Card Front

Free ordering platform

No credit card required to use Mixbowl. Direct deposit into your bank. Zero commission.


Schedule an order

Your customers will be able to schedule an order for a later time whether it’s for delivery, pick-up, or catering.

Delivery Van

Delivery orders 

Designate your own in-house drivers and set your own delivery range and fees! Or, you can leverage Mixbowl driver network in available market.

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Easy website link

Your customers will be able to order directly from your website. Don’t have one? We’ll provide one to you free of charge.

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Pickup orders

Stop taking phone orders and free up staff time. No more “What did you say?” moments.


Catering made easy

Never lose out a big catering order on third-party delivery platforms. Allow your customers to place large scheduled catering orders directly on your website.


Email Marketing

Successfully promote your online store & drive repeat customers to order online with our built-in email marketing.


Team Management

Set different access permission so you can delegate tasks to different staff with their own login credential


No contact delivery

Enable contactless delivery and pickup orders to keep your staff and clients safe & your business running.



Review detailed visitor and order reporting and analytics. See checkout rate, bounce rate, etc. Make important business decisions based on relevant data.


Curbside pickup

Allow your customers to text the restaurant to pick up orders. Your store will be notified when your customers have arrived.


Coupon / Deal

Run any promo logic you can think of. Send out first-time customer promo, specify promotion terms to delivery or pick up, by category, buy one get one, and more!


Direct Deposit

Accept online credit card payment immediately to secure customer's payment. Money will be automatically deposited to your bank account.

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Holiday Mode

Put on hold or close store temporarily for vacation or holiday. Pre-schedule your store hours easily.

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Real Time Update

We keep your customer updated with order status every step of the way while you review the order and display the order confirmation in real time.


Free Website

No website. No problem. We provide standard website template to showcase your restaurant and online ordering for free.


Mobile Ordering

Your customers can order from anywhere, any time, any device. Our online ordering works on mobile phone, tablet, desktop devices.

Customer Service Icon - Grey

Your Customer Service

Got unhappy customers? Don’t worry, we’ll manage all your customer service for you so you can relax.

*during your restaurant's business hours. Service fee will be applied to your customer orders.

Grow your restaurant. Free online ordering software

No credit card required to use Mixbowl.

So... what's the catch?

We know running a restaurant is hard and your margin is already thin. Other delivery apps like UberEats, DoorDash, charge a hefty 18-35% commissions on your online orders. It is not right.


Technology is what we at Mixbowl do best and we want to help you minimize the barrier to accept online orders for your restaurants. With this in mind, we intentionally reduced a lot of the costs by building a do-it-yourself online ordering platform that any restaurant owner can self-onboard and set up, and start taking the first orders within minutes. The new Mixbowl online ordering and delivery platform is absolutely FREE for restaurants.

We make money by offering first-line customer service to your customers. By doing so, we apply a small service fee (less than what customers would have paid for other third-party apps) on customers' final bill. Restaurant owners save money by paying nothing for online ordering software, and your customers are happy with their orders! Win-win.


In addition, we also offer premium platform add-on that you can choose to pay for. For example, custom payment processor, online gift card, customize font and theme for your store. Simply email your account manager and we will activate those premium service for you.

Restaurants do not pay anything for using Mixbowl online order software. Restaurants are responsible for paying all credit card transaction fees that are directly passed through and any chargeback, unless the fraud protection plan is added. Your customers may incur additional service fee of 5-15% charged to their final order bill to cover all live customer support provided by Mixbowl and Mixbowl driver network to help with all your restaurant online needs. Taxes and fees apply.

Premium Add-On

Get more from your online store. Monthly billing. Cancel any time.



Issue gift cards to your customers to redeem for future online orders. Attract new customers and retain your loyal ones as an effective marketing tool for your business.

USD $15 per month


POS sync

Receive online orders directly on your in-store POS for easy access for your store staff. Free up your staff's time by not having to enter order detail in POS.

USD $40 per month

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Send online orders directly to a receipt printer in kitchen for more efficient operations. We will even loan you a receipt printer!

USD $45 per month

File Organizer


Personalize your online ordering store with unique font style and color. We can include unique workflow to accommodate your business preference. We also work with Paytronix for loyalty and reward tracking.

USD $25 per month


CUSTOM payment processor

Use a different credit card processor for your own preferred online (card not present) and in-person rate.


*By default, Mixbowl uses Stripe as the credit card processor; the processor rate is 2.9% + $0.30, which we will do a direct passthrough (we don't make money from this).

USD $80 per month



Easily consolidate orders from all third-party delivery apps into one centralized place. You can view these orders on just one tablet, or on your POS.


We work with ItsACheckMate, Cuboh, YouFare order aggregator services; enable this feature to view all orders in one place.

USD $85 per month



Protect against unwanted credit card fraud and chargeback. A typical chargeback will incur an additional $15 processing fee.


With this fraud protection service, you will never be charged for any reversed transaction initiated by your customers.

USD $100 per month

Get your own FREE restaurant ordering system!

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